Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Report #7: Kyrgyzstan Left Out in Central Asia?

If you follow the international business news on Central Asia, you do not read much about Kyrgyzstan’s involvement in big regional economic projects. Of the most recent events, Koizumi came to Kazakhstan, where he secured a deal on uranium exports to Japan, while nobody was interested in the bids for Karabalta Uranium Plant (not that it was a bad thing or that I want more uranium tailings here). Even the Chinese are building the railroad through Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkey and around Kyrgyzstan (not sure when exactly the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railroad will come into reality). Kyrgyzstan is not in the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan Customs Union. And, I am not sure how and when the American-initiated energy grid will connect Kyrgyzstan (and Tajikistan) to South Asia.

Report #6: Familiar Faces in photo.in.kg

You all know that Boris never leaves his photo camera no matter where and when he goes. Here are the results of his hard work. Check out Boris's portfolio (http://www.photo.in.kg/ru/photograph/moreinfo/268) and you will see some familiar faces there. Don't forget to read the last issue of Fotografia here http://www.photo.in.kg/ru/fotografia. Enjoy!!!

Photo by Boris Pilipenko

Monday, August 28, 2006

Report #5: Sinomania

Everyone is going crazy with China and the Chinese language, especially in a country where the majority of people are scared to death from the Chinese expansion and assimilation. More and more of my friends are learning the language and I know several people going this year to China to learn the language. Even I am interested now.

Report #4: Issyk-Kul 2006

Twice went to Issyk-Kul this year. Here are some of the pictures from IK. Planning another trip this week.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Report #3: Future of Kyrgyz Broadcasting

IWPR raised an alarming issue. I have been thinking about this for quite some time, especially this summer when the State TV (GTRK) was the only source of TV information and “analysis” for events occurring in Kyrgyzstan. Until the end of the year, it will be more or less clear who is behind NTS, KOORT, and Pyramida TV. No more independent TV in Kyrgyzstan?

Read the IWPR article - http://www.iwpr.net/?p=bkg&s=b&o=323343&apc_state=henb

Report #2: Testing the Ground

Still experimenting with blogging. I found this picture of me in Suusamyr on the way to Osh last August. I was afraid the wooden floor inside would fall through and decided to do it outside. P.S. Hopefully, next post will be more thought-provoking than this. P.P.S. Photo by Nurbek (c).

Report #1: the Beginning

This is the report #1 of many future reports that I plan to post over time. I hope to keep you happy and informed, but I would also like see your comments.