Friday, July 04, 2008

#222: Last Day in Kyrgyzstan

This is my last night in Kyrgyzstan before I move to Singapore to study for the next two years. I apologize for the 3-week hiatus; and I have excuses for it. I quit my job, started refurbishing my apartment, drank lots of beer when Spain kicked Russia's ass in Euro2008 (twice), visited bunch of relatives, and spent one night in Issykkul. I will write more about each of these stories and more once I settle in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Aza!

mjfm said...

I am French and have lived in Singapore for 26 years. It is really a great city to live in.
I have a keen interest in Kyrgyzstan (have been there) and have read your blog for a long time. I would really much like to meet you in Singapore.
I just left for a long trip, but will be back by end August.
Dobro pozhalovat v Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Singapore..
Im sure u r gonna love it here.. life is pretty easy in SG..
I've been staying in SG for 9 years now, originally from Bishkek too..
if u have any questions abt life in Singapore, feel free to ask me or visit forum for russian-speaking people in Singapore

Azzzik said...

Удачи, Азамат!