Tuesday, November 13, 2007

#137: Traffic Accidents

While reading reports from GAI (Kyrgyz traffic police) in the news, I get a feeling that on an average day at least two people die from traffic accidents in Kyrgyzstan. The most dangerous zones are Bishkek and the 500km-long Bishkek-Osh highway. You also get some accidents in Issykkul, especially during the summer swimming season, and Naryn.


Mari said...

Oh my god! I knew it...I live in a danger zone. This certain feeling especially arises whenever I get on a marshrutka...
And I am sure, that there are young men in fancy cars involved at least in 2/3 of the accidents?

Anthony said...

That's sad to hear. But not surprising. I was involved in a car accident on the highway to Osa a few years ago on one of my trips.

Such a beautiful country. Can't wait until my next visit