Monday, April 28, 2008

#202: Posner

Vladimir Posner, the host of Vremena (Times), the only more or less independent talk show left on Russia's 1 kanal, is coming to Bishkek. He is apparently also meeting with students of AUCA, my alma mater, and I am hoping to make it to the meeting with my alumni card as he is a very interesting person to listen to.


Stan said...

Ohhh, man, if you do make it, pleeeease do tell what he would be talking about! Very interesting persona with very interesting things to say!! Kudos to you!

Muzaffar said...

Aza, Posner is not independent at all - yes he places some comments from time to time, yet they let him on Pervyi Kanal precisely for the same reason they keep Zhirinovsky in Duma - to show there's an idea of democracy and freedom of speech in the country, the one which is allowed by the rulers. If he was more or less independent, he would have left the propaganda machine, i.e. Pervyi Kanal. If by any chance you make it to the talk or know anyone who will be there - ask him why there was no official statement on Ilyas Shurpayev, their correspondent who was killed in Moscow on Navruz eve.