Friday, May 02, 2008

#203: Tien Shan Gold Belt

This is written on the website of a mining company that operates in Central Asia:

"The Tien Shan Gold Belt is one of the most prolific gold belts in the World extending from Uzbekistan in the west into China and Mongolia to the east. The Tien Shan Gold belt is host to one of the world's largest concentrations of multi million ounce gold and silver deposits in the world."
A lot of companies looking for possibilities to dig gold in Kyrgyzstan.


Mandkhai said...

Hi Azamat, I came across your blog while I was searching for blogs on Kyrgyzstan. I'm just stopping by to say that I really enjoyed your blog. I have recently been to Kyrgyzstan and fell in love with your country. I'm actually thinking about going back if I get a chance. Anyways, thanks for the great blogs.

katarashop said...

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