Thursday, May 08, 2008

#205: Which Constitution?

Monday, May 5, was a holiday in Kyrgyzstan. It was the Constitution Day! Like many people in Kyrgyzstan, I tried to celebrate it, but did not know how. How do you celebrate a constitution that has been re-written 8 times during the 17 years of independence of Kyrgyzstan?
1. May 5, 1993
2. October, 1994
3. February 10, 1996
4. October 17, 1998
5. February 2, 2003
6. November 9, 2006
7. December 30, 2006
8. October 21, 2007

And every new constitution was worse than the previous. For many, it has become just a piece of paper that is used for specific purposes and then thrown into a bin. Politicians are already predicting that Kyrgyzstan will have a new constitution within several years.


abdelmoaty said...

your blog is realy admirable,It discusses things just similar to our community's local interests ,i am asking you if you permit me to translate it into arabic, in the comment site in your post,it would be interesting for arabic readers,goodluck and thank you

Azamat said...

hi abdelmoaty, thank for reading my blog and your comments. you are more than welcome to translate it into arabic. it would be great. azamat.